Dumpster rentals are a great way of managing waste disposal in residential and commercial areas. They help reduce the environment's pollution since they offer an efficient way of collecting and transferring waste to the rightly allocated disposal points. 

However, it becomes a challenge when the organic waste inside starts decomposing and emitting odor. This has pushed many users to seek various ways of managing the odor that comes from the dumpsters. If you are one of them, here are four ways you can minimize your rental dumpster odor effectively.

1. Keep the Dumpster Dry

Mold and bacteria that release odor thrive in a moist and warm environment, a condition they easily find in a regular dumpster. To ensure you don't create a favorable condition for molds and bacteria, do your best to keep liquids away from the dumpster and dustbins or bags that go into it. On dry days, you can leave the dumpster's lid and side doors open to keep the content inside dry if any moisture got its way in. 

2. Use the Right Bags

Trash bags are a great way to control odor and maintain your dumpster's cleanliness. Put your trash into the trash bag first and tightly tie the bag before you place it into the dumpster. This way, you will conceal any smell trapped in the bag from affecting you and your neighbors. Also, ensure the bag you choose is sturdier enough to resist easy breaking when you toss them into the dumpster.

3. Use Odor-Removing Agents

Some wastes release a strong odor, and it becomes impossible to control their odor using the above methods. Using an odor-removing agent can help you break down the smell for cleaner air to breathe. The most commonly used materials to counter odor from dumpsters include kitty litter and baking soda. The combination works perfectly as the litter absorbs any available liquid and the soda absorbs the odor. This not only leaves the trash odorless, but it also keeps it dry. 

4. Get Rid of Animal Invasion

Animals can rip apart your efforts to keep your trash concealed and the smell trapped inside. While pets and rodents search for meals inside the dumpsters, they will easily tear apart the trash bags exposing the content inside. You can get rid of this by using taste deterrents like peppermints to keep the animals far from your dumpster. You can also install motion sensor lights to help scare away animals who raid the trash cans at night. 

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