Waste disposal can be an ongoing challenge for some businesses since you must balance your options and needs with your operating budget. Overage fees can be a real concern since the cost for overfilling a dumpster or scheduling additional pickups that aren't in the original contract can be quite costly. The following tips can help you avoid the coverage fees so that you can keep your waste costs well within your budget.

Choose the Right Dumpster Size

Choosing a dumpster smaller than what your business actually needs is a false economy. The additional fees for dumping an overfilled dumpster are often more than the cost of simply upgrading to the next available dumpster size. The reason is simple — an overfilled dumpster often requires the worker to get out of the truck and to manually load some of the garbage, as opposed to just using the truck's capabilities to collect the trash. If you consistently overfill your dumpster or stack garbage around it, it's time to upgrade to a larger size.

Don't Overlook Weight Allowances

It's not just the amount of garbage a dumpster can hold, but the amount of weight of that garbage. All dumpsters have weight allowances and for good reason — truck dumping and hauling capabilities can only operate safely within certain weight ranges. If your garbage is particularly heavy, such as certain building or demolition waste products, then you will need to consult with a dumpster rental service to determine the safe capacity for your rentals.

Prevent Illegal Dumping

Sometimes the problem isn't your garbage but that of others. A dumpster that is easily accessed by the general public will often become the target for illegal dumping. You can counteract this by renting a dumpster that has a lid that you can lock. Keep the lid locked at all times when the dumpster isn't in use. It can also help to place the dumpster inside a gated area to further reduce public access.

Add a Recycling Service

You may be able to offset some of your trash removal costs by recycling some of your waste. If your business produces a lot of cardboard, paper, glass, or metal waste, then recycling can be a good option. In the case of high-value recyclables that can be sold, you may not even need to pay for their disposal or for the recycling dumpster rental.

For more help, contact a local dumpster rental service in your area.