When you own an apartment complex, one of the most perplexing challenges you're likely to come across is how to get rid of garbage effectively. Even three or four apartment units can produce quite a lot of trash. Every apartment owner comes to a somewhat different solution for their garbage pickup woes, but here are a few tips to help guide you. 

1. Consider contracting with a private company.

While your first thought may be to have the municipal garbage service come pick up trash from your apartment complex, this can be more costly than you'd think. It's worth getting quotes from a few privately owned garbage pickup companies, too. Most offer free quotes; they may even visit your site to give a more accurate estimate. These smaller companies also offer an array of services, such as dumpster pickup and smaller trash bin services, so they grant you more flexibility than you would get with your municipal garbage service.

2. Don't rely on residents to carry trash too far.

Some apartment complexes situate a single dumpster, or a few dumpsters, in an in-between space and require all residents to haul their trash to that dumpster. This arrangement is a great way to frustrate your residents and guarantee that trash (and trash bags) will be left where you do not want them. If you decide that having your residents carry their trash to the dumpster is a good choice, don't place the dumpsters more than a few feet from the apartment buildings. Nobody wants to walk 1/2 mile with a garbage bag full of food scraps!

3. Don't forget about recycling.

By providing recycling bins for your residents, you're enabling them to do their part to help preserve the planet. Most garbage removal companies will issue separate recycling bins and will transport their contents to a recycling facility for you. You will, however, need to be diligent about informing residents what can and cannot go in the recycling bin. Post signs in hallways, send out emails, and pass out flyers to new residents.

4. Pass some costs on to residents.

If you find that trash removal is more expensive than you thought, don't be afraid to pass some of the costs on to your residents in the form of increased rent. If your residents are otherwise happy in their apartments, they won't be too bothered by a $10 or $20 increase in rent if it means their trash is dealt with tidily. 

For more information, contact local garbage removal services