Planning a festival or a concert is not all about getting the musical line up together and printing up the tickets. You will also have a number of different important items to take charge of, including the placement of any sales booths, all stage setup, and clean up. One item that you will need to rent during a festival, along with the stage and stage equipment are plenty of dumpsters. At festivals with food, animals, and items that come in wrapping paper, you will need to station plenty of dumpsters to keep the are clear. There are a few places in particular that you will want to station your dumpsters. 

Near the entrances and exits

The entrances and exits will be run into by everyone in an area. If they see a dumpster coming in, they will immediately know where they can trash any unwanted items as they leave. Some people also wish to get rid of extra things as they are leaving festivals, so not to get food or messy items inside of their vehicles. Placing a commercial dumpster at the entrance and exit will also stop people from coming inside of the festival with extra trash and throwing it on the ground once they begin the festivities. 

Next to the stage

If you will be having performances, the stage is one of the places where people will congregate. People may enjoy food and beverages during performances and the performers themselves may have props that need to be tossed out after their performance. Place a dumpster near the stage area, but make sure that it won't distract from the view of the performances. It is also a good idea to make the stage dumpster lower in height than the others so that it will not take up space for those who are attempting to see the stage from far out. 

In the center of the food vendors

One of the places where a dumpster will be crucial is in the space between the food vendors. Depending on how you decide to map out the food vending for the festival, place a commercial dumpster in a central location to the dumpster. This will make sure that none of the food vendors have to go too far in order to discard their food waste at the end of the festival. If the festival will be spaced out, add several dumpsters and place mulch around the dumpsters. This will ensure that even if food or drink spills in large quantities that the festival grounds surrounding the dumpster will be unharmed. 

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