There are so many public services people just take for granted. Take trash collection for example. You put it on the curb on the right night of the week, and the garbage fairy removes it before you wake up the next morning. Eventually all that trash adds up, so clearly the city needs to start another city dump site. How do they do that? If you are wondering, and if you overly curious, here is an explanation of how city dumps start and end.

New City Dump

A dump site is always selected on the outskirts of town. It has to be far enough away from the general population to keep everyone safe and healthy. Dump trailers are used to collect the trash from various sites for various uses. Usually, only biodegradable and solid materials are allowed at the dump, although they might take e-waste, furniture, and appliances from time to time as well.

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Ground Is Leveled and Dump Sites Labeled

With a new dump, the ground is leveled and then each smaller dump site on the property is labeled for a specific type of trash. As trucks come into the dump, they drive toward the individual dump zones and drop their loads. If the waste is more liquid than solid, it is taken to a tank refuse area where it is extracted via a pump. There, it sits and decomposes over time. It may eventually be recycled for liquid fertilizer, but for now, that is where it goes.

As Piles Get Bigger

As garbage piles get bigger, front loaders start pushing the trash around and leveling it out. More and more trash is added and leveled every day, until a mountain of trash has been created. Mountains of several kinds of trash are all made the same way. The smell is dreadful as everything rots in the sun and scavenger birds, such as crows and seagulls, drop from the sky looking for rotting morsels that have torn loose from the bags.

Eventually, soil excavated from construction sites is added to the piles to compress and hold the trash in place. The soil also helps bury the smells, to a certain extent. This whole process continues until there is absolutely no more room and there is no other way to make the trash decompose faster to accommodate more trash. At this point, the city selects another new dump site, and the process begins all over again.