Hoarding is a compulsion disorder. Sometimes, it is so bad that people cannot discern trash from treasure, even when the items in question are clearly trash. If you are a hoarder, and you have finally decided that enough is enough, here are some points that can help you make clear, good decisions as you sort.

Get a Roll off Dumpster Rental

You may not think you have that much trash to put in a dumpster this big, but as you get going you may be quite surprised. What currently takes up most of the living space in your home is probably trash. You do not know until you start digging, and it is important that you have somewhere to put that trash while you are sorting through it.

Ask Yourself Some Very Important Questions

Everything is a treasure, or could be. That is the mind of a hoarder. However, when it comes to real trash, you need to stop and ask yourself some questions:

  • Does the item stink?
  • Is the item covered in a bio-hazard such as feces, urine, blood, vomit, etc.?
  • Does the item have mold, mildew or rot on it or in it?
  • Is the item restorable, and do you honestly want to spend the money to restore it?
  • Would the item make you and others sick if you kept it rather than put it in the dumpster?

Honest answers to these questions help you understand the dangers of keeping such items. You are risking your health and others' health by keeping items that smell, are covered in excrement and human waste, or have other hazardous coatings. If you answer "yes" to most of these questions (with the exception of the restoration question), then it is trash. It has to go, and it has to go in the dumpster where you cannot fish it back out again.

Needing It and Giving It to an Intended Recipient

It helps if your family is present to aid you with this clean-out project. One reason why is the fact that you may have hoarded many things under the assumption that you intended to give it to someone. Now you can ask that family member if he/she wants your "gifts." If not, it is no longer valuable and it can go in the waiting dumpster, too.

Really, there is so little that humans need. Everything else are creature comforts or ways to comfort oneself. If you absolutely do not need something to live, breathe, sleep, or eat, it is trash. Contact a disposal company, like Area Disposal, for more help.