People tend to accumulate stuff as they go along in life. If they have children, they accumulate their children's stuff too. Eventually, there is just tons of garbage, and no place to put it. Worse still, there's tons of actual garbage and not enough garbage cans to hold it. Rather than try to keep up with the constant roll of cans to the curb on garbage day, you could do one or more of the following.

Ask the City for an "Excess Garbage" Permit

Most city and town officials tend to get their dander up when homeowners park a lot of rubbish on the curb. From their point of view, it looks as though the trash is not being collected, or that the homeowner is not taking care of his/her property. However, there just comes a time in everyone's life where there is going to be a lot of garbage, and it has to go. For that, you can request and/or purchase a one-time "excess garbage" permit from the city office. It gives you tags and a piece of paper that says that, on that one garbage day, you are allowed to put out "x" amount of trash on the curb, and your garbage collectors will take it.

Schedule Your Own Garbage Days

While the city or town in which you dwell has a set schedule for garbage collection, you may need more frequent pickups. Unfortunately, there is not a town in this country that allows its residents to schedule their garbage services. You still can schedule your own garbage days, however, if you do it through a dumpster rental business. Then you can throw as much as you need to into a garbage dumpster and have it picked up and emptied as often as you want. 

Organize, Give Away, and Store

Sometimes items are not really garbage; they may be in really good shape but are no longer needed by anyone in your home. Your kids may not want to part with their stuff, but anything you no longer want or need you can do away with. Reducing one type of garbage eliminates the another type of garbage, which leads to a much more relaxed and cleaner environment and atmosphere. You can put less curbside by putting more into donation boxes and storage units. Use plastic bins and other organization methods, and see if friends and family could use any gently-used items.